14 March 2018


At the start of the year I told myself I wanted to post on here once a week, every Sunday. Realistically that’s not that hard. It’s only spending a two or three hours out of the 168 hours we get in one week so it should be totally doable, right? Well it’s now been over a month since I last posted, so apparently not.

My issue is that I don’t want to post about mundane things like I used to just to get a post up for the sake of it. I want to write about things that matter, things that are of interest and things that will help people. The only problem is that, when you’re not in a good state yourself, it’s really hard to try and help others when all your energy is going into replying to just three emails a week and trudging downstairs to make your 6th coffee of the day.

Over the last two or three weeks I’ve really struggled with sleeping, taking hours to get to sleep and once I’ve finally drifted, waking up with unbelievable night sweats and am simultaneously freezing cold and soaking in sweat. It’s really fab. For someone who really needs her sleep, this has meant everyday I’ve felt like the walking dead, not focussing on anything important, eating crap because I can’t be assed to go to the shop and cook proper food, getting behind on work, emails, blogging and messages, and just feel like a huge poo emoji.

Despite it being a bit of an inconvenience, this is all fine if you’re someone who doesn’t work, doesn’t have jobs to complete, doesn’t have deadlines to meet, and basically has fuck all to do. But as I’m sure 90% of the population will agree, this is not me. In terms of blogging, I’d much rather not but I don’t mind taking a little break if needed, but when there are other people relying on you to publish content, that’s when it gets a bit more difficult and the pressure builds.

I’ll be totally honest with you now. I was sent a few bits from JD Williams in return for a post of some sort on my blog. I'm not a massive fan of those post that have been written purely about gifted products or with nothing else of real value, so I wanted to try and find a different route I could go down other than ‘I really like this cushion because it’s pretty’, or ‘how did I ever survive without this rug in my life’. This is for two reasons. A) it’s complete bullshit - of course I like the items, I picked them out and I like my own taste. Duh. And B) I guarantee you all couldn’t care less as to whether the new cushion has completed my life. You (and completely understandably) want pretty pictures accompanied by writing with value and meaning. And whilst I’m sure this post isn’t going to necessarily help anyone else, it’s meant that I can explain to you all why I’ve been away, it’s helps me as I now don’t have to keep thinking that there’s that post I need to write but I’m not in the right headspace to think of a different take on talking about homeware, and the company doesn’t have to keep emailing asking where the post is (sorry guys, please don't hate me!).

So whilst it’s been a little bit of a different post, I’m going to take it straight back to the main reason of me posting this and pretty much contradict myself - back to the homeware items. Rather than me rambling on anymore, I’ll just let you enjoy a few snaps of the gorgeous bedding set, rug and shade I got and see a little update of how my room is coming along.

Teal cushion*, JD Williams
Teal throw*, JD Williams
Rug*, JD Williams
Light shade*, JD Williams


  1. I highkey loving the way you shot them. Seriously.


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