7 November 2017


If you're a follower of my Instagram, you may have seen a post where I wrote about taking the opportunity since moving home, to learn to be ok on my own. It said something along the lines of.. 

"So now that I’ve moved home, one of the key things I want to work on is being ok with being on my own. I have no one currently in my life romantically as, unfortunately, there was someone for a little while who was a really good egg but due to me leaving Falmouth, it had to come to an end in order for me to fully embrace the move and this new stage in my life. Since my first ever relationship at the age of... " READ MORE

Like I said in that post, I recently learnt to differentiate between 'loneliness' and 'solitude' and am in the process of ensuring all my time spent alone feels positive and not lonely or sad. For so many years I only felt emotionally full when someone else filled up the other half of my cup or was the cherry on top of the sundae, but since realising this and understanding how unhealthly it is, I have started to be really mindful of my time alone and try to ensure I always enjoy my own company.

I feel I have more or less mastered the feeling of being ok when simply on my own, doing my own thing but it's a whole different ball game when it comes to doing things that are so naturally seen as a 'couples thing' to do. Things like going to dinner or going to the cinema or stargazing are, of course, wonderful to do with someone else, but wouldn't it be amazing to feel as satisfied doing them on your own as you would sharing them?

"It takes a strong person to remain single in a world that is so accustomed to setting with anything just to say they have something"

I've recently challenged myself to do these things that are so normally done with a significant other, but just on my own. Unfortunately I am lacking in funds at the moment to do some of the activities I want to do like dinner, so thought I'd stick to an simple one first - matching underwear. 

Waking up, putting on matching underwear and instantly feeling like today will be your day, is a feeling I know many of you will be familiar with, so why do so many of us only think it's important when we take our clothes off later for our partners or for that future guy who's going to be lucky enough to take us home from the bar? I was in a changing room the other day on a shopping trip with a friend who, when seeing me in my underwear between try-ons, noticed and found it odd that I was wearing matching underwear (I then explained this project and she agreed it to be a good idea as she admited to wondering why I'd be wearing a matching set when I'm lacking in partner!). 

It's a shame that it's considered such a special thing to do only for someone else, when really it should be a special treat to ourselves. Secretly knowing that under a plain jumper and jeans is the most beautiful embroidered underwear set that makes me feel sexy af but only I get to see is, in my opinion, way better than doing it just for another person (who let's be honest, probably won't even notice)!

I challenge you too this week to wear that expensive set you've been keeping for a special occasion, or go to bed in that super sexy, luxurious babydoll you haven't worn in forever, or if you're lacking in either of those then head out and treat yourself! Below are some of my current favourite sets and pieces to inspire your inner goddess! 

Underwear set - Primark
Photography - Lily Fulvio-Mason

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  1. You are so right boys don't even notice those little efforts lol! Great post girl, I think its wonderful that you are becoming a sexy strong soloist- definite role model. Look forward to reading more about your journey, with love Gracie x


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