5 July 2017


This is the second chance I've had to style a Boohoo Dress Of The Month and similar to last time, it's not a dress I would have chosen myself but thought I'd take the challenge anyway! If you don't know about it, #DOTM is a campaign Boohoo.com are running where they send bloggers a secret dress that they may not normally pick and they have to style it up.

I struggled with this dress to be honest as for one, it's really not my style at all. I'm not a polka dot kinda gal so that was my main issue. It's also a dress that speaks for itself so I couldn't add much to it in terms of making it 'my own'. Despite it not being my cup of tea, I still think it's a lovely dress if it's your style and looks great in these pictures.

Photos taken by Dan Sharpe - follow him on Insta here!

Dress, Boohoo*

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