25 May 2017


As technology starts to take over, there are so many new things that come out each year that, let's be honnest, no one needs but we all want. From cameras to phones to TVs, there are so many amazing items that do the most incredible things nowadays that I thought I'd make a little wishlist (despite probably never being able to afford it all!).

Despite never having been much of a TV person, since leaving home and moving into flats with no TV or licence, it's made me realise how much I miss the comfort of know if you're ever a little bored, the Kardashians will always be on one channel or another. This amazing 4K TV from Panasonic is an amazing piece that, with its interchangable "Switch Design" pedistal, allows you to watch what you want, in incredible quality, from four different positions to suit your decor. 

The vlogging camera it would seem, used by all of the top Youtubers, is one that I would love to own. I recently bought another camera mainly for vlogging but it was cheap, crap and not the one I really wanted so I took it back and have learnt to not settle just because I'm impatient! A girl can dream eh!

So this one doesn't really fit in this wish list as I actually own this exact camera.. but it's broken. I lent it to a friend and hasn't worked since (note to self, don't let others borrow expensive things). So despite there being newer and better GoPros on the market, I just miss my good old Hero4 and want it back :(

As far as 'quirky' watches go, this one from Konifer is super cool. It's all wooden, handcrafted from sandalwood and maple with both a time and date display. I love this for a slightly more outdoorsy, adventurous look.

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