30 May 2017


As summer is rapidly approaching (she says sat in a cafe with grey clouds and rain outside, gotta love ya England), it's time to start updating those wardrobes from thick boots and winter warmers to colourful sandals and something a little cooler.

Below are my three top shoes you need this summer, all from EGO, that are perfect for this transition period. The first pair are these gorgeous black heels which are even cuter when you turn around to see the embroidered rose detail on the heel! Next up is another embroidered pair, but this time are boots. Like I said, it's a transition, you can't go from leather boots to flip flops without feeling the chill too much. And the final pair is one that may not be to everyone's taste (lord knows they weren't mine when this trend first came about) but trying them on, there's something super flattering about this clear fronted pair of heels.

Which are your faves?

Black floral heels*
Embroidered boots*
Grey clear mules*

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