11 February 2017


Time for the final look in my Valentine's Day lookbook! Something a little more intimate and cheeky for the night time if you know what I'm sayinnnnnnnn ;) Unfortunately for me I'll be in bed on my own in the most comfy, unflattering PJs but if I did have a special someone, I'd pop on this pretty little underwear set and dusty pink slip, both surprisingly from Primark. I think the cover up is actually meant for the day, but thought it would look super cute with this set. I'd also like to add - please don't everyone lose your shit over photos of someone in their underwear. Oh my god scandal, someone is feeling confident and not afraid to show it. If you're feeling good girlies, embrace it and flaunt it! It's your body, YOU DO YOU BOO BOO.

Photos again by the lovely Katherine McMorran - Instagram & website.


  1. Wow these photos are just gorgeous, love the lingerie too

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Loved the lingerie collection especially sexy bras which you wore loved your comfortness too for such photo shoots

  3. Wow very pretty woman and wear bridal suits is awesome.thank you so much

  4. Looking awesome in sexy bras....
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