6 February 2017


As the day of l-o-v-e is just round the corner (because of course we can only show each other that we love them on one day of the year), I thought I'd share a few outfits that I thought would be cute for different occasions during Valentine's Day. Whilst I am saying all of this, I am feeling incredibly bitter, lonely and sad about boys and love and all that poopy stuff. I'll be spend the day on my own, probably crying, eating too much, and waiting for Paris and Laura to come home from work so we can all cry together. LOVIN' LIFE.

Anyway, that aside, if there is an excuse to put together a little lookbook for an occasion then I'm all about it. I have one look for a date taking place in the day, another for the evening, and then a cheekier one for the night time (if you know what I'm sayin', bowchickawowow *winks and shoots finger guns*). To start us off, I put together this casual but cute look with a vintage Levi's denim jacket, thigh high booties for a little bit of sex appeal and a pleather overall in a very typically Valentine's colour - rouge.

These photos, as well as the rest taken for my Valentine's lookbook coming the rest of this week, were taken by the very talended Katherine McMorran. She's a photographer based down here in Falmouth who contacted me to see if I wanted to be included in her blogger series. I'll write a post next week dedicated just her project and the pictures she took but until then, take a look at my day look!

Choker // Boots*

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