5 February 2017


I know double denim isn't to everyone's taste and some find it difficult to 'pull off' (who even invented the ability to pull something off anyway, just wear whatever you want gurl), but the easiest way in my opinion is to pair black with blue. This way, it looks a lot more like a normal pair of black trousers in this case with a denim shirt. Super easy.

I added some really cute little bits from Daisy Mae Jewellery to this look as well. I love layering little silver necklaces with chokers like this, and on their site they have SO many different pendants to choose from all for a ridiculously good price, you should definitely have a look!

Choker* // Necklace* // Anklet (worn as bracelet)* // Jeans // Boots*

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  1. I'm a big fan of double denim, but definitely agree it's easiest to mix black with blue. Love the outfit x



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