1 February 2017


As much as I am a sucker for the whole 'new-year-new me', 'I'm gonna make my life so much better this year', 'this is gonna be my year' stuff, I have found (like many) in the past that I don't get much further than the first month with resolutions. Something I tried in 2015 that I found quite successful though, was to think of 12 different resolutions and spread them across the year (so one a month, genuis huh). This way I can focus on one at a time and most times, not fail. Also, as a habit is generally made after around 21 days and if it is something that I really want to stick to, I will be able to carry it on throughout the year as the habit will have stuck and I can easily move onto the next resolution.

Like you may have seen in my second to last post/most recent video, 2016 was a tough year for me so adding monthly resolutions into that would have made my head explode. As I am a lot more together mentally and less busy physically, I can spend this year really focussing on self improvement. Like I did in 2015, each month I'll share that month's resolution so you can join me if you wish, get inspiration for your own monthly challenges or just see how I'm getting along!

To start me off, I didn't give myself a specific resolution for January as I wanted to spend the month getting organised, in the right mindset and settling into a new routine. My mind has done a full 180 this month alone and I am in such a better place, so am really excited to get started on my new challenges. February's resolution will be to excersize once a day. Not full blown, 2 hour, sweaty, achey gym work outs everyday (although some will be), some days will just be a handful of crunches, squats and press-ups. But the main idea is that I do something everyday without quitting. Over on my pinterest I have also made a board with easy, at-home work outs that I can refer to on days when I don't swim or gym, so feel free to have a look if you want some ideas!

Will you be trying out anything like this? Let me know if you do and what your resolution ideas are as I'd love to get inspired by you!

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