18 January 2017


Ok, so maybe the title is a little dramatic. But if I'd have known that they don't necessarily do what they promise, I'd have been a little less eager to jump into their deals.

So I'm sure you've seen the adverts on the side of your Facebook pages, advertising a full Fabletics outfit from only £20. This part of the deal is totally legit and the outfit you see below was from that exact deal. I paid £23 (take note of how it's an outfit from £20, not for £20) for the top and bottoms which, to be fair, is a pretty decent amount for an outfit like this. I can't deny that the quality is actually amazing, the items are pretty flattering in my opinion and are a little more interesting than your standard, plain gymwear. So for £23 all in all, it's damn good.

The only sneaky bit is what you end up signing up for. Now, before you start thinking 'oh my god Alex, how much of a dumb shit are you, everyone knows these websites are a monthly subscription', I want to assure you that I did know that. I knew that the outfit from £20 was a start up deal and that Fabletics will then take £44 from your bank each month for an outfit of your choice unless you choose to skip the month. All that I knew. What I didn't know was that they wouldn't send an email reminder at the beginning of each month despite stating that they would. So because of this, I ended up missing the cut off date to skip this month's charge and typically the promise they did in fact keep, was to take money out of my bank.

I'm sure some of you are thinking that there are a lot of worse things that can happen in terms of money being taken from someone's acocunt. And you are totally right. But for someone like myself who is currently relying on the very few pounds I have to pay for bills, rent and food, this £44 being taken meant I haven't been able to pay what needs to be paid and have gone into my overdraft (yes you read that right, I was taken into my overdraft from a £44 payment, yes I have no money, yes I am desperate, and yes I would like sponsored posts, get in contact, please and thank you #sorrynotsorry).

Anyway, this post was meant to be a whoopdie-do at it being a new year, I'm not feeling depressed, I've been getting organised, I've been enjoying the gym and swimming (and my new sports earphones from Urbanz Headphones) and that stuff is seeming a bit better now. I'm going to be making a video talking about a lot of the shit that happened last year and what I hope 2017 will bring, so keep an eye out for that!

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