14 November 2016



I recently moved into a flat which is located on the grounds of a hotel, so not only do I get free gym, pool, jacuzzi and sauna, the flat is also surrounded by the most beautiful greenery (which if you know me even in the slightest, you'll probably know is one of my favourite things ever).

I also recently bought this amazing fluffy coat from a little retro shop in Truro called Enjoy. It sells more vintage items than you could ever imagine and just having a little look round is a treat in itself. This coat was only £20 and, whilst I didn't need a new coat at all, I fell in love with it instantly so had to get it. I'm totally obsessed with this colour at the moment and just love how the dusty pink looks amongst the green of the plants.

Similarly to the pinky colour, rose gold has been something I'm really loving at the moment and I love how these two bracelets look together. The first is a beautiful rose gold plated cubic zirconia bracelet from Browns Family Jewellers with Swarovski crystals and a unique drawstring. The other is one of two matching bracelets I got for my closest thing to a sister for her 21st birthday. Whilst they're both simple and delicate, they add such a special little detail to any outfit.

 Earrings // Bracelet*


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning, and that coat just looks so snuggly and perfect and amazing! x



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