1 October 2016


Lol, guess who's been crap at keeping up to date with her blog again? Holla, that would be me! I just got back from my holiday in Gran Canaria (which I have a couple of outfit posts to come from) so haven't been really in the mood to blog when the 30 degree heat is calling you outside! But just before I get back to the LFW outfits, I have a little autumn wish list for you all.

Like I said, the average heat when on holiday was about 30 so coming back to rainy England's 11 degrees is horrible. But I have to say, it has really got me excited for autumn (and for Alex Mac to be excited about the cold really isn't the norm) so I thought I'd get right into the season by sharing a few things I'm lusting after right now. Firstly is this Magnolia & Mûre Eau de Toilette from the Women perfumes L´Occitane range. Whilst their other fragrances seem to be quite summery, how they describe the prelude as 'wild and musky blackberry notes, giving a tenderness to the woody profile' is what drew me in with autumn in mind. Next, no A/W wishlist would be complete without some kind of warmth, so this Calvin Klein jacket caught my eye right away. I've always loved puffer jackets since the age when my flourecent pink and silver ones were my everything, so this modern, more grown-up take is perfect.
How could I even think of the cooler months without snuggling up with a blanket and candles, so this candied fruits scented candle together with this two-tone faux fur blanket would make the most wonderful winter night in. And then when I do decide to face the cold, these crushed velvet boots from Missguided with some super cosy socks would do just the trick. Which autumn/winter items are you lusting over right now? Have any of my ideas given you any thoughts?

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