12 October 2016



As the day before was so packed full of exciting shows, people and events, it was no surprise that day four of Fashion Scout in London Fashion Week was a little slower paced and more relaxed. With the least shows on this day of the whole week, Paris and I weren't rushing around so much so got a chance to take some outfit pictures with the incredible photographer Nic Ford (who we then managed to persuade to photograph our looks for the rest of the week!). Below are some of the photos she took and I freaking love them, they're so much more interesting and a nice change from my usual, simple background ones. Follow her here:

After Saturday's manic-ness (real word?) I wanted to wear something I knew I'd be comfortable in and didn't have to worry about pulling up boots, down skirts or hair out of my face. I'm wearing a green military style hat from Quiz Clothing (perfect for covering fluffy, unruly hair), a simple tee from Forever 21, getting on the pjs-as-daytime-trousers with these from La Senza and my trusty Kswiss'.


  1. ace look!


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