5 October 2016



Day two was without a doubt the hardest day of them all. Despite Saturday actually having more shows, Friday felt non-stop. I think it's partially to do with the fact I was trying to get a grasp on everything as I wanted to do it perfectly from the get go. It was also so hot (as it was all week) but I wasn't mentally or physically prepared for this! The day before we left for London, Falmouth had actually flooded so my wardrobe was a pretty warm, layer-heavy one! 

There were six Fashion Scout shows, all of which I loved. I absolutely love the atmosphere of fashion shows and these were no exception. I went to the Ones To Watch show a few years back and loved it this year as much as then. To me, these designers have no fear or reputations to keep up yet so are so free and experimental with their designs. It's so refreshing. Others I loved were Angel Chen, Rocky Star and Pam Hogg (this show was their most exciting one and was full to the brim!).  I also got to meet some known faces like Olivia Buckland, Charlotte Crosby, Daniel Lismore and Pandemonia. 

Stupidly, I got my outfits mixed up so the one I posted last is actually what I wore on this day! But stay tuned for the next post for the start of my collaboration with Quiz Clothing!

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