2 September 2016



making friends really isn't as hard as you think - search for a house as soon as you can, even if you don't know who you'l live with yet - your first impressions of people are usually wrong - do make friends, but be prepared that they'll probable change soon - eat properly, trust me you can't live off tuna pasta for a month solid without the paramedics having to come to your room in halls - don't get too excited to have a load of money and blow it on stupid shit - make the most of not having too much work and explore the depths of the place you're at uni - you won't miss your family/friends as much as you think at first, you'll be too busy to even notice - don't be scared if you start to find things all a bit tough and getting too much, it's totally normal and most other people will feel the same - if you want a job, search hard as soon as you arrive, everyone else wants one too - make the most of your uni's facilities for personal work - photograph everything - film everything


you'll feel a bit lost, as though you don't know if you're coming or going, but it's normal, just go with it and whatever you do, don't quit unless you're 110% sure - when you move in with friends, be sure to actually do the things you say you will like cocktail nights and pamper evenings - take photos of everything when you move into a new place, you'll be glad to have the evidence when the landlord eventually accuses you of something that was already there before you moved in - remember that even though it's not a lot, this year counts so work hard but play just as hard - moving in with your friends, you'll find out things about them that you never knew could annoy you that much - if you're doing a course with an expensive final year (e.g creating a final collection for fashion design), start saving now - photograph everything - film everything


this will feel like the hardest thing you've ever had to do - all shit things seem to come at once - once it's over, you will feel the most relief and calm you've every felt - you'll feel guilty for 'wasting' time doing things like going to the toilet, sleeping and making food, but try not too, remember you need to look after yourself - you will discover how long you can stay alive without sleeping and eating proper food - the saying 'treat yo'self' will pop up in your head every half an hour - you will find yourself treating yo'self every half an hour - when it comes time to do your dissertation, don't put it off, just fucking do it, get it done and remember the sooner you start, the sooner you finish - friendships will be tough and odd - at the end you'll have a degree and will feel like the bosses ass bitch that ever lived - photograph everything - film everything


  1. I'm just starting year one after a gap year and I'm excited but I haven't done any sort of complex maths in a year... physics will be fun :')
    But I am taking my camera and filming so much because I know it'll go super fast!

    The Quirky Queer

  2. I'm starting year one next year! I will definitely be that one living off pasta!

  3. I love how honest this is Alex! <3


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