15 September 2016


I was so close to getting back to a good start and blogging continuously but of course, as always, life got in the way a little! This last week I graduated, moved house (kinda), was super ill so was in bed and started a new job so haven't had time to post.

I am currently on a train with Paris heading to London to work with Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week, and I am so excited! Our week is going to be crazy busy filled with watching shows, meeting people, photographing street style, and all whilst updating all of Fashion Scout's social media accounts along the way. Below are links to all the places to keep up to date with us this week if you fancy it. Paris and I are also going to be blogging on our personal blogs (as if we don't have enough to do already) so if you want to see our outfits (including collaborations with Quiz Clothing) and activity over this week then keep an eye out!

 twitter     instagram     snapchat - @fashionscout

blog     twitter     instagram     snapchat - @jemappelleparis

twitter     instagram     snapchat - @alexmaceachern

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  1. You'll love London at fashion week, sadly I am stuck in college! x


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