17 August 2016


Having just finished uni, there are plenty of things I've learnt from being there and I thought it would be useful for some of you guys starting soon, or even those of you who are already there yet still feel like you have no idea what's going on (don't worry, it happens to nearly all of us!) to start a little series about uni, things I do and don't reccomend to do/pack/get involved in, etc.

So to start me off, New Look got in touch and asked me to suggest a few essentials when packing for uni. I've made a couple of outfits from the items I think are the most needed, but they can also be mixed and matched to make up different looks (ideal when you don't have much wardrobe space!). They also have an amazing Student Hub on their site which suggests a load of outfit ideas, recipes, music and other helpful tips for when at uni so I really recommend having a look at that.

The main ten essentials:

1) Going-out dress - for lots of parties and freshers events, I love this bardot style dress as it's easy to dress up in a variety of ways.

2) Casual day dress - oh, there it is again, the bardot dress. Wear this with some casual sandals and a baseball cap and you have a relaxed, model off duty look.

3) Casual sandals - as mentioned above, casual sandals or other shoes in general are a must as, despite wanting to dress up to make a good first impression, you'll get bored soon enough and want something comfortable to roll into lectures in. 

4) Simple necklace - this western style necklace is perfect as it can be styled in multiple ways and adds a little effortless effort to an outfit.

5) Statement necklace - you'll then want something to add a bit more bling to an outfit, whether it's a simple day look needing that little extra, or a night time look for all out fancy.

6) Dressy shoes - whether you're more into heeled boots like me, or strappy numbers like these, a pair of heels is a necesity in my opinion. 

7) Own style top - obviously plain tees are a good addition to any wardrobe, but I think a top that really shows you're own style is key, especially like this orange one below that, like many of the other items in this list, can be dressed up or down.

8) Jeans - or just any trousers that you can style up or down, wear day or night and yet still feel comfortable is a must. 

9) Simple jacket - a simple coat or jacket that will go with anything is definitely needed, especially if going to uni in the UK as it's freezing when term starts. 

10) A clutch - whether it's a statement piece like the one below or a more versatile one like this, a clutch is needed to be used for nights out, a make up bag when staying at a friends, a pencil case or even a day bag if you're into the day clutch look. 

Of course there are many other items I could suggest like a large bag for notepads, laptops and pens; a pj set that can be doubled as daywear or lounge wear around halls; decorations for your new room like candles or fairy lights; a swimming costume or bikini if at uni near the sea like I was; and of course all the stationary in the world.

Necklace, Zaful* // Dress, New Look* // Watch, Michael Kors

Top, New Look* //Jacket, New Look // Watch, Michael Kors // Bag, New Look* // Shoes, Peacocks*

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  1. Absolutely love these outfits, especially the ones with the flared jeans! We still have yet to go to uni but will definitely refer back in a year's time :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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