24 August 2016


I'm free and I'm back and oh boy does it feel good!

I don't even know where to start with this post. These last few months/years have been so busy, emotional, hard, fun, enjoyable, worrying, chaotic and all the other feelings you can imagine. I think I properly accepted that I'd given up on my blog around 2 years ago and it's only now that I've written that does it make me realise how long ago that was. This time two years ago, I had just finished my first year, getting ready to head back to uni in a few weeks and get back to hard work. I feel like my content started to slip and my attention span for it had gone from 100% to nothing so my blog just started to fade away. I would still post every now and again for odd outfit posts or sponsored posts (yes, I am guilty of this but when you have litterally no more than £5 in your bank, you'll accept them if it means you can eat that week), but nothing particularly worthwhile.

My second year of uni was both tough and enjoyable but it was particularly my third year where everything went downhill. My ex of 5 years and I decided to go seperate ways, I was starting my final collection for university which I knew would be difficult but it ended up beyond agonising, my mum found out she was serious ill, my little cat Charlie had to be put down, I was struggling with money as I needed to be working solidly on my uni work so had no time to earn money to fund my final collection and then because of all that, my depression and bad thoughts were going wild. It was without a doubt the hardest year of my life to date and I can't express how happy I am that the worst is over.

Money is still tight, my mum is still recovering and my baby Charlie can't come back but I have finished my degree, I have a new lovely fella friend, my depression has been much better and I've just had my 23rd birthday. On the morning of my birthday my mum asked if I felt any different as she does every year and every year I respond with a simple 'no', but this year it did feel different. I had this feeling of freedom, relief and a huge weight off my shoulders.

So where does that leave me now? Today I found a house that I love and if Paris and I get it then we'll move in within a week, I am soon to start a teaching assistant job at a university, as well as hopefully getting a job for a make up brand I love (fingers crossed!) and the freedom to get back into blogging properly. And I'm so damn excited.

Let's do this!


  1. Life is exciting! Wishing you so much good luck!!! 😎

  2. welcome back, and glad life is seeming better!


  3. Woohoo! Freedom! Palex will be great.


  4. Really hope everything works out as intended sweet, sometimes the crappy things can feel like such a weight when they pile up, but it sounds like your luck as turned and there are good things to come! Excited for you! <3 Alice xxx



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