27 August 2016


Comfort zones are something that I'd say I'm happy and good at leaving. I don't mind trying something new, pushing myself and taking a risk. In terms of fashion I wouldn't really say I have a comfort zone in terms of styles and things that I would and wouldn't try, but this challenge has made me realise my comfort zone in terms of items that I know will flatter me, are pretty set in stone. I wouldn't say it's because I am stubborn as such, I've just spent a long time working out what does and doesn't work for my body type.

So when Boohoo got in contact and asked me if I wanted to do their Dress Of The Month challenge I of course said yes. At the time I didn't think that actually someone else picking out a dress for me could end up with something that, no matter how I styled it, just didn't suit me. I really wish I could say I love this dress on me, but I'd be lying. I love the idea of the challenge as it forces you to try new things, but in terms of what does and doesn't look good on my figure, I think it's best for me to choose!

Don't get me wrong, I love the dress itself. I am a huge lover of anything metallic but the swing dress style just doesn't flatter me. I don't like my legs but love my waist size and bum so will try and show that in outfits I wear, so you can see why I'm not loving this dress on myself! But I just want to be clear, I love the dress itself, it's lovely quality, the silver has a beautiful slightly matte look to it and it's incredibly comfortable, but it's just not for me.

Boohoo.com, as I'm sure you all know, has a huge variety of dresses though so there's definitely something for everyone!

Necklace, Zaful* // Dress, Boohoo*


  1. I think it looks good on you! I like that it sort of looks like a slip, I might style it by putting a black long sleeve t-shirt under it, especially when it starts to get cold! x

  2. LOVE that dress, you wear it so well!

  3. Ah I think it looks great on you! If you wanted it to be a bit more fitted you could add a thin belt? Either way you look stunning! xx

  4. Love how you styled the dress! It's so simple but the colour and accessories make the look so stylish :)
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