3 April 2016


You know those outfits that you put together sometimes and although it may be really simple, when you look in the mirror you just think 'yes!'. This is one of those outfits for me. When I walked into H&M recently and saw this dress on the mannequin at the front of the shop, I instantly fell in love. I went to look at the price expecting it to be one of H&M's more pricey items, but much to my suprise it was only £15! It's one of those garments that has the entirety of my style in just one dress, so I'm completely heart eye emoji-ing right now!

Now onto the jacket, as I've been borrowing my housemates for the past few months, this was a very welcome gift! I previously had my dream leather jacket that I received for my birthday a few years back, but unfortunately someone stole it from a club cloakroom when I went out so have been using Sheena's since then! The first thing I noticed about this one from Lipsy was how soft the material is. I find some leather jackets can be very stiff and uncomfortable until they get worn in but this one is so flexible and soft that it's perfect.

The jacket is also part of the new collection from Lipsy in collaboration with Ariana Grande (someone who I'm slowly becoming more and more in love with). You can see the rest of the collection here, where you can also see the pink sleeveless cutout fit and flare dress which, although is more girly than I would usually go for, is definitely on my wishlist!

Dress, similar // Jacket*, Lipsy // Boots, New Look // Belt, similar


  1. Too cool Alex, you look stunning! x


  2. Ah you look stunning! This dress is incredible <3

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this fashionable post your outfit is amazing looking gorgeous. I always love to wear celebrity leather jackets. at the time bike riding.

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