29 March 2016


I've noticed recently that I'm hugely drawn to grey. As I sit writing this in my room, my bed sheets are grey, 3/4 of my clothes are grey, I have a mop of grey hair on my head and I'm sat in grey joggers and jumper. Not that it's a bad thing of course, I love the colour (colour? shade? whatever). It's slightly less plain than black, but is still as easy to wear as style so is perfect for a lazy day outfit like this one.

I went on a Forever 21 hunt recently and found some amazing bits for super cheap. Firstly these flares are what I live for. Black, velvet, and flared? You're killing me man. I've also wanted to find a nice fitting but also plain t-shirt for a while but not one that for some crazy reason costs £20/£30, so this one was perfect. I can't remember 100% but I think it was around £7 so pretty good.

As we're coming into the spring season now (despite all the rain we've recently had in Falmouth), I'm still not quite in the shape I'd like to be, so until I get there this cardigain from Label Lab at House of Fraser has been perfect for covering up little squidgy bits!

*Cardigain, Label Lab* // Flares, Forever 21 // Boots, New Look

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  1. Those velvet flares look amazing!! I feel you on the whole grey thing, it's such a wearable colour, most of my wardrobe is very monochrome!



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