5 February 2016

Black Boots Wishlist

I remember I had a pair of very plain black heeled chelsea boots a good few years back, and they were my absolute favourites. I could wear them with anything and were so incredibly comfortable that I would wear them for hours on end without pain. But like most shoes that get worn almost daily for a couple of years, they ended up having to be sent to shoe heaven as they started to come apart. Since then I am yet to find a pair of simple, classic black boots that fill the hole in my heart from my previous pair.

Whilst I am a huge lover of heels and love wearing them on any occasion, I've also been lusting after flat black boots recently as Falmouth is so damn hilly, it makes a small walk to the shops feel like a mountain trek when wearing heels. I have compiled a handful of boots that I saw on Jones Bootmaker that I am in love with right now. Some are flat, some are heeled, some are tasseled and others are completely plain. But all of which I'm seriously lusting over right now!

Which ones are your favourites? Mine has to be the all black, tasseled heels!

Top right and clockwise. 

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