1 February 2016

Baseball Caps and Sports Jackets

Yes, these flares are back yet again. And no I'm really not sorry about it. When you're in love, you're in love, there's no two ways about it. I thought I'd try stying them in a slightly different way with this look though by giving it a more sporty feel. I added one of my favourite hats, this simple black baseball cap from Primark, and my new jacket (worn as a top) from Tokyo Laundry with its cricket-y vibe which is on sale now too. As it's a very casual look, I kept accessories simple with a little black choker and black heeled booties (not photographed).


  1. Those flares still look amazing! I really need to get myself a pair. xD


  2. hey were all pieces of crap. I was never really happy with them. They had no features, other than telling the time and date, and maybe a simple stopwatch.


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