7 December 2015

Ankle Boots Dreaming - Wishlist

When it get's to this time of year, I realise that I have too many pairs of ankle boots and naturally I am reminded of how much I love them and how I want even more pairs to call my own. Like I always say, due to uni funds being low, I have to create mental (or in this case, blog) wishlists of pairs I'm totally loving right now.

Of course as it is coming into the Christmas season, I'm having another annual realisation that I am obsessed with everything black, wine red, emerald green and brown. Unfortunately I am yet to come across for green ankle boots that I'm mad about but alas, the search continues!

Below are just a few I found that I am in love with right now, a couple of pairs from Brantano, one pair from New Look, another from Next and the last from Boohoo. Of course the classic plain boots are just that, classics, but I like to have a little extra detail when it comes to shoes and clothing so the tassels, buckles and zips all really stand out to me.

What do you think, do any of these take your fancy? What's your annual, winter time obsession?

Black flat / Red suede / Brown tassel / Red flat / Grey tassel

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