3 September 2015

Ways To Wear - Tropical Print Blazer

I have a love/hate relationship with trends. For example flared jeans. Ever since I was a little 90's kiddie, I've always loved flared jeans more than any other style. I just find them so much more flattering on my figure and love the 70's vibe they give. The only problem with constantly liking something like this, is that when it's considered 'out of fashion', they're nearly impossible to find (or at least find a pair I can actually afford and aren't ridiculously priced because they're a novelty or are considered 'vintage'). So now flares are back on trend, it means I finally have more choice when shopping. Horray for the love side of my trend relationship. As for the negative side, people that aren't aware you always loved something seem to think that you are simply buying into it because you saw it in Vogue and that's what they said we should be wearing now.

It's the same for the tropical print trend right now. I have always loved print on clothes, and more specifically tropical print. But because before it wasn't in every shop you go past on the high street, there wasn't a lot of choice (or like I said earlier, afforable choice) so I only had one, maybe two pieces in my wardrobe. But now, I've gone a little mad with it. How do I know when the fashion gods will suddently decide tropical print is no longer in and all items covered in it will dissapear from shops in an instant?! I need to buy in as much as I can now!

So onto today's looks. I received this amazing tropical print blazer recently from New Look and wanted to share a couple of ways that I've been styling it recently. The first look is a much more casual, everyday style and the second is little more dressy, more for a garden party or cocktails! The blazer is sadly out of stock now, but I found a few similar items here, here and here, and can all be worn in the same way.

Look One

 photo IMG_9834 main_zpskt68cd69.jpg
Jacket* // Jeans // Glasses*
 photo IMG_9846_zpsynuyo4yg.jpg
 photo IMG_9835_zpsacel9ndr.jpg
 photo IMG_9833_zpsl9n2ldwj.jpg

Look Two

 photo IMG_9874 main_zpsyvz5stz8.jpg
Jacket* // Shoes*
 photo IMG_9879_zpseyqoffzn.jpg
 photo IMG_9883_zpsx5hfriow.jpg


  1. LOVE the looks and just cant stop loving the hair!
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  2. The print definitely complements your hair colour! Love the way you styled it with the skirt xx

    Love and Marmalade

  3. Obsessing over your jacket! Obviously we're going into autumn now but this is such a nice and colourful piece - we love the first outfit you put together :)
    Feel free to check out our newest post x


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