7 September 2015

Tassel Skirts and Lace Up Boots

Do you ever get those outfits where you absolutely love every item of clothing in it? I definitely have that feeling with this outfit. I could write so much about my love for each individual piece but I'll try not to bore you and keep it to a minimum! The top, skirt and shoes are all from Boohoo, a shop I'm a little too obsessed with at the moment, to the point where everyday I go onto their site, fill my basket with all the amazing things I want, then remember I'm a poor student so delete it all. Then repeat the next day. And the next.

The skirt is the perfect mix of festival style, autumn colours and my current love for suede. As for the top, I've been wanting a little black crop top like this for a while now, something simple yet fun that's perfect paired either with statement bottoms or go underneath a sheer shirt. And onto the shoes. Oh the shoes. These boots are honestly my favourite pair of shoes I own right now. As I don't have the slimmest or longest of legs, I wanted a pair of boots that were both lace up at the front and featured a peep toe as showing a little skin there makes legs look much longer. I'm also not a massive fan of boots without a little heel, so these are even more perfect again, especially as we're going into autumn now!

Boohoo are currently running a #WeAreReady campaign where they ask to share your autumn/winter looks with the hashtag and asking why you are ready for the cooler months and what you love most about them. Personally I am ready as I am bored to death of each day waking up and hoping that it will be a sunny day and am then dissapointed when I am met at the window by grey skies and constant rain. Autumn also means back to school/uni which I am SO excited about as I have missed all my friends so much! Let me know in the comments below why you're ready for autumn/winter!

 photo IMG_9806 main_zps8y3jk7tl.jpg
Top // Gilet // Skirt // Boots*
 photo IMG_9807_zps0nwer2c1.jpg
 photo IMG_9789 2_zpsocskpynq.jpg

 photo IMG_9798_zpsmixchqti.jpg

 photo IMG_9777_zpsvgc79zwr.jpg


  1. Looking good !
    Shoes OMG !

  2. I love black crop tops too, they're one of my favs atm! The Vest is so cute, just like you :-)


  3. omg love this look and your hair is incredible!



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