1 September 2015

Confidence in Underwear

As I've got older I've started to really appreciate the joy of having quality, matching underwear. And no, not necessarily for the reason I'm sure you're initially thinking. Obviously when you're getting 'in the mood' if you know what I mean, it's nice to have a matching set to make yourself feel extra sexy for the guy or gal in your life, but I also love how they make me feel... just for me. It could be the most average day at uni or work or just doing chores, but knowing I have on a gorgeous underwear set just makes me feel so good about myself.

Obviously, most sets like those from the likes of Victoria's Secret can set you back a hell of a lot of money, so when somewhere super affordable like Peacocks has sets like this for only £12, it makes me one happy lady! I think matching sets are something that every woman should have multiple of so making them this price makes it so much more accessible for any woman to feel good about herself.

On that note, I'm sure some of you will have your own opinions about the last pictures, but right now I'm feeling damn good about myself and I'm really proud of it! I know some of you wouldn't be likely to put a picture of yourself in underwear on the internet, but I just wanted to express how much the right underwear can make you feel amazing! I also don't see the huge deal as I have pictures and videos online of me in swimwear, showing the same amount of skin, so why is this different? I also think it's important to show items like this on figures of different sizes and shapes rather than the stick thin girls on the Victoria's Secret campaigns

I know the amazing ladies of you out there will say I don't need to justify myself, but I just want to show that there's a reason behind it, and it's that right now, the first time in a long time, I'm feeling damn confident!

 photo IMG_5456_zpsx9crl3ge.jpg
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