27 August 2015

Watch Collection

If you said to me a few years back that I wouldn't be able to leave the house or would feel practically naked without wearing a watch I would have laughed and wondered why a stranger was talking to me about my watch future. But on this day, 27th of July 2015, I can finally admit that I am addicted to watches. Not necessarily the buying of watched as I only have three proper ones (by proper, I mean wasn't bought from Ebay for £1.99), but I am addicted to wearing them. I feel like I've lost a limb if I'm not wearing one and as soon as I put one on, I feel complete! I thought I'd share today my three 'proper' watches with you guys, as they're each very special to me and I love reading/watching other people's collection posts/videos!

Wooden watch* // Silver watch // Gold watch*

So first up is the newest in my collection. It's this increadibly beautiful wooden watch from JORD. It is made so gorgeously (is that even a word? It is now) and has so many increadible features like of course the wooden strap and frame, it's see-through face, and my favourite - the fact that you can see all the cogs and wheels on the inside actually moving and working! JORD does both men's and women's watches but this particular model is from the men's range. Personally I'm not one to strictly stick to certain genders whilst shopping, so after finding this one in the men's section, I knew it was the one!

 Next we have my trusty black and gold French Connection watch. This watch is really special to me as it's the first item I received as a blogger from a big brand. It made me so happy to receive this as it gave me great confidence in my blog at a time when I felt I wasn't doing to well with it! I've had it for a couple of years now and despite it having a few scratches here and there, I still love it dearly. It's the perfect balance between classy and simple, yet has a little bit of bling on the face. It's gotta have a bit of bling for me to own it!

 And finally, my definite favourite - my 21st birthday present from my parents. This watch from Michael Kors was my main present for my birthday but also the Christmas after (£177 is a hell of a lot to spend on one birthday present!), so I didn't receive it until that Christmas but it just made me even more excited to receive it! Like I said earlier, I'm a big lover of bling so I knew I wanted one with lots of stones and when I saw this one it was literally love at first sight! I also wanted something engraved on the back as it was a special occasion, so my parents got this (pictured above on the right). 

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