4 August 2015

Mono Prints and Snapbacks

I want to start by saying that this is my 300th post ever written which is odd as I feel like I hate writing and yet have loved each of my 300 posts! Now onto this outfit. I have to confess that I used to despise these shoes with a passion but there's always someone who I see in items I hate, that somehow make them look amazing. I got these shoes with thanks to Lucie who I go to uni with as they look like shoes she has and always looks super cool in them. And even if they're not the most beautiful shoes to walk the earth, they're damn comfortable and perfect for when you want an easy, light shoe in summer. Suprisingly, these shoes and bag are both from Peacocks, which I think is a shop that people often don't think to go to, but they have so many amazing pieces you'd find in Topshop or New Look, but for a fraction of the price!

As you can see with this dress from Therapy in House of Fraser, it came up much longer than I thought from the website but I still love the print and neckline so decided to knot it at the side for a more relaxed look. I think realistically I'll take it up on my sewing machine so it hits my legs at a more flattering length!

What do you think of this look? What are your opinions on the love/hate shoes?

 photo IMG_5271 main_zpsezmdwvob.jpg
Dress* // Bag* // Shoes* // Watch

 photo IMG_5280_zpsk6ofo4yw.jpg

 photo IMG_5301_zps3sqwywbr.jpg

 photo IMG_5267_zpsehcj0czc.jpg

 photo blahahahahahah_zpse127e98e.jpg


  1. This is such a cool outfit! You look amazing Alex x


  2. Thanks for the post! :D (I work with Glossy at HoF) xxx


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