22 August 2015

Boho Dresses and Chunky Heels

For the last couple of days it's been dreary and rainy here but this morning the sun is shining so I thought I'd share this summery look with you all. This Peacocks dress is perfect for a day like today where you want to look like you've made an effort when it's actually just a case of throwing on a dress, belt and some accesories, yet still staying cool in the heat. Unintentionally, this whole outfit is made up of just Peacocks and H&M pieces, meaning it's super affordable and easy to recreate!

 photo IMG_5305 main_zps0dazfohq.jpg

 photo IMG_5308_zpsqzk2ear9.jpg

 photo IMG_5309_zpsd90u8og3.jpg 
 photo IMG_5323_zpskf5kqcjh.jpg


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