8 February 2015

The Library Of Perfume - Lychee and Fresh Coconut

So unless you've been under a rock for the past few months, I'm sure you will have heard of/seen/smelt the new fragrances from The Library Of Fragrance. The idea of this collection is that each scent is incredibly realistic smelling, but don't just have your average scents that you'd think a perfume should smell. They have all sorts from more normal such as sweet pea and orange blossom; to some creative, fun ones like pina colada and marshmallow; to some down right odd ones such as mountain air, paperback, pizza and even wet garden!

Whilst I personally don't fancy smelling like a fiery curry, it is fascinating going into boots and smelling some of the options as the scents are just uncanny! The fun thing is that you can also mix and match smells to create even more variety, so the possibility are endless with these!

Two I got my hands on are lychee and fresh coconut. I was desperate to own the lychee as it is such a gorgeous, sweet, fruity smell which is one of my favourites but I also kindly got sent the fresh coconut as I was told it is a good match with lychee. And I have to say, the people at the Library of Fragrance know their stuff! Whilst coconut isn't one of my favourite scents/flavours and I probably won't wear it on its own, these two together give the most wonderful summery, tropical smell!

fresh coconut*

These are all super affordable too. Only £15 per bottle (and over 90 to choose from!) from either their website or a smaller selection of 28 from Boots, but if you fancy mixing them up like me then Boots is also offering 2 for £25!


  1. I love the Fresh Coconut one, it smells so yummy! I really want the Pistachio one. :D


  2. I have never heard of these, but always on the hunt for new perfumes and to find something a little different, so these might be perfect. :-)


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