4 February 2015

Plaid Shirts and Leather Braces

An outfit and review from Jack...

Tis the season for the lumberjack. And this one fits the bill. I'm a real sucker for a nice ‘winter’ shirt, and although this isn’t the ‘thick, double lined’ type, it definitely provides warmth (probably due to it being 100% quality cotton) and is a good choice for these chilly days, with a coat of course. 

I have to say I’m also a big fan of braces, and there are a lot of ‘lumberjack’ shirts that don’t quite work with them, but this is a good’n. This is partly due to its fit, which is nice and slim, but still long enough. Often times I find shirt that I want to have the ‘oversized’ feel, have the right length, but have too much sag when used in conjunction with braces. 

I also favour this larger check than smaller check for this look. Overall this piece is a winner for me, and at £27 (reduced from £45!) there's not much to complain about this shirt from Criminal at House of Fraser.

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