2 February 2015

High Neck, Cold Shoulders

Confession time. I've had this Rosegal dress for a few months now and am only yet to share it on my blog. I blame the fact that I've worn it non stop so it's always in the wash! Despite it being quite mega short (you can see in the pictures I either have to wear a long coat or a skirt over the top), the long sleeves, cut out shoulders and high neck makes it a staple for this cold season. I love how something as simple as the cold shoulder detail, takes it from being a super simple dress into something mega stylish and fun. It's also craaazy cheap so be sure to check it out, and the rest of the items on Rosegal!

Also I have pink hair, woo!

hat // coat* // dress* // socks // boots // skirt*


  1. Looooove the pink & black - you hair and nails are amazing!


  2. great outfit! love pink and black together <3 xx

    cat // je suis cat

  3. Love the pink hair. Looks fab with the nails. Good look

  4. I love the pink hair!

    Would love your opinion on my blog

    They Call Me Tania

  5. Oh wow the new hair is amazing! Love the matching nail polish too, tacky pink is my fave <3 xo
    amber love


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