6 February 2015

February Resolution

Last months resolution of no alcohol went pretty well I'd say. I did go out one night 2 days before the end of Feb, but I already knew this was happening so although it technically means I failed that one, I still feel good about the fact I was teetotal for the other 30 days. I say this like I'm a raging alcoholic and that it's a huge achievement to not have had anything to drink, but realistically I only drink once or twice a month. But nonetheless it's still nice to have an easy resolution to start the year with!

This month's resolution is to do this workout below everyday. I was watching Kerry's excercise faq video the other day where she was saying that she got back her figure after having a baby just from home work outs and doesn't go to the gym. She also mentioned a few youtube channels she follows that specialize in excercise, and Blogilaties was one of them.

I have heard of blogilaties before and have looked at the youtube channel and website, but it was only when watching Kerry's video did I realise that Cassey Ho, owner of the Blogilaties channel and the lady in the video, makes short challenge work outs. So I had a look through them and found this amazing bum (or 'butt' if you're American/Cassey) challenge and gave it a go! And oh my goodness, does is work your little booty.  It's not so bad that you can't do it at all, but it does push you so that you can feel it working, but as it's only for 10 minutes, it's really not that bad.

So that's basically it! This video, once a day, for one month. Lets doooo this!

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