22 February 2015

Black Maxi and Leather

I've loved Goldie London for a long while and once again, they've nailed their new in collection. This dress below is one of my favourites from the collection. When I chose it, I thought it would be more of a casual dress, but when trying it on (without the leather jacket) it looked very well fitted and formal. Whilst I was hoping for a more casual look, I actually prefer it this way as it means it can be both dressed up and down depending on the occasion!

What do you think of the way I've styled it?

Dress* // Necklace*


  1. Love this! you look so beautiful!


  2. Such a stunner Alex, you look breath taking girl! x


  3. I love your haircut and colour, super pretty!

    Natasha | www.ofthesaints.uk

  4. Wow that dress is fab! I couldn't pull off something like that but you look amazing in it. Your hair is also looking fresh btw :D xo
    amber love


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