22 January 2015

Winter Wellingtons

I used to have a beautiful, floral pair of wellies when I was younger but unfortunately age happened and my feet grew so I no longer fit into them. Because of this I have been needing a new pair for a while now and the time has finally come! This is another item that I managed to get through the Etail PR blogger programme so if you're yet to, head over there and see what they can do for you and your blog. These wellies are from the brand Online Avenue and are super affordable. Unfortunately I have slightly larger calves than the average leg due to doing gymnastics my whole life so these are a little tight at the top so if you're like me I'd be cautious of this. But other than that, I love the pink and black colour block of these and should go with any rainy day outfit! Be sure to also check out their other items as well as shoes!

wellingtons* from Online Avenue


  1. These look fab! The pink stripe adds just the right amount of colour without being OTT xx

    Love and Marmalade

  2. These are so cute! The strip of pink is just the right amount too :)



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