8 December 2014

Nigel O'Hara Gift Guide*

I'm not sure if it's an age thing or a trend thing, but recently I've become more and more obsessed with watches. I remember the first proper stylish watch I got was when I was about 10 as a gift from my Dad. It had a huge round face and a gorgeous red faux leather strap. Obviously being young he didn't spend loads on it as I was more than likely to break/lose it at some point, so I remember after wearing it for a long time that strap started to fall apart and got a big smelly (gross I know, but wrist sweat happens to the best of us!). But despite it ending up a little tatty, I will always remember that red watch as the moment I fell in love with watches.

I feel like they are such a lovely accessory to add to any outfit as, depending on the style, it can really finish off the look. I have a few cheap ones that are for more fun outfits as they have cat ears and faces, etc and I have a fake high end one (naughty I know!) for when I'm pretending to be expensive! But as I get a little older, real designer watches are something that I have stared to think about collecting as they are such lovely investment pieces and perfect as birthday or Christmas presents. This year was my 21st birthday and for my present, I decided to combine it with my parent's Christmas gift budget so I could get an extra special watch. I am so looking forward to receiving it as it will be so special and I will forever cherish it as a reminder for this time in my life.

As it is the time for getting excited for the festive season and Christmas gifts are flying around, I thought I'd pop up my first one of the year and focus on watches. I think a lot of people assume that to get a really lovely watch, you have to spend hundreds, and whilst this is half true, I found some beautiful watches on the Nigel O'Hara watches site for under £50 that would make really lovely gifts! Below I have found six watches, three for 'Her' and three for 'Him', all in different budgets that would make the most lovely presents for Christmas this year, some of which come with a free gift and all available for price match if you find the watch cheaper elsewhere!

Watches #1 - £0 to £50
Watches #2 - £50 to £100
Watches #3 - £100 to £150

For Her

One - Caravelle New York 44L153 Ladies Blue Watch, £41.30. This is such a lovely watch for any lady who likes a little pop of colour and style in her wardrobe.

Two - French Connection FC1176GM Ladies Watch, £109.65 (only just over the £100 mark!). Owning a French Connection watch myself, I know that this watch will be such beautiful quality, and the style is a perfect day to day look for any woman.

Three - Bulova 96P129 Ladies Diamonds Watch, £132.84. This gorgeous silver watch from Bulova would be the perfect special occasion watch for any lady who likes to add a little bit of sparkle to an outfit.

For Him

One - Royal London 40007-01 Men's Watch, £27.99. Perfect for the stylish man of all ages, this Royal watch has a smart silver face and a gorgeous brown leather strap, and is amazingly priced compared to how expensive the design looks.

Two - Accurist MB944N Men's Watch, £80.50. This watch from Accurist is a good bet for any man if you are unsure what to buy for them. It's a standard but very handsome watch, so would suit any style.

Three - GP.1044 Men's Pocket Watch, £140.25. This amazing pocket watch is perfect for the man who likes things unique and dapper, and who may already have other wrist watches and is hoping for something a little different.


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