14 November 2014


Struggling. It's a word that can sound so dramatic and yet be the only word that describes how you feel, even if it's something quite small. I feel like over the past few months, Bambella Blog has struggled. Since starting back at uni I find trying to keep up with uni work, a social life and this blog is incredibly difficult. As I am now in my second year of uni, everything counts towards my final grade now so I have been in the studio working all day, everyday since the beginning of the year to get as much quality work done as I can. As well as that, Jack and I are trying to be healthy so cook from fresh everyday and each week make a plan of all our meals. I'm also trying to make an effort with my social life, making sure I see people and have a bit of fun along the way. Then on top of that, is this blog. I don't want to get to the point where blogging becomes a burden rather than fun, but I can feel it drifting that way at the moment. I want to keep posting good quality content, at a frequent rate (not to mention the same on my Youtube channel), but working all day, then arriving home when it's getting dark to have dinner and then try and take outfit pictures in awful lighting is getting a little too much.


Don't get me wrong though, I totally love blogging. It's my favourite hobby in the whole world and there is very little I love more than the feeling of Bambella Blog growing and improving. But it's just like too much of anything, after a while, however much you love it, it starts to take it's toll and become less enjoyable. I also feel like for all the work I'm putting in to both posts and videos, the response I get just doesn't seem to equate and as you can imagine, this really brings down my spirits and motivation.

To be honest, I have no idea why I'm even writing about this. I know I've mentioned it briefly in past posts, but I felt like it's got to the point where I need to properly address it, and basically ask for your help. Does anyone else have similar feelings at the moment? Has anyone been at this point, and has overcome it and seen the light? Should I even carry on at all?? Argh! I don't even know what to think any more. A little help? Anyone?


  1. I get you. I'm a Mum to a 4-year-old (nearly put 40 then, that'd be odd), newly married, and have numerous health issues. It's a struggle, without a doubt that's the right word for it. And I often refer to my blog as work, as it helps get me in a mindset to get things done, and also makes my son understand that I need time for it sometimes - I probably shouldn't call it work because I only earn from it from time to time, but I get products which mean I have to spend less and I'd love, one day, to earn more from it. But I DO still love it. Some posts drag a little but others just make me want to write and never stop.

    Do you love it? If you do then keep up, even if it is a bit of a chore. Maybe reduce how often you post so that you don't compromise on either time or quality. Give yourself less to do, for now, so that you can do everything else, but if you ever worry then remind yourself that it's just 'for now', you'll do more in the future, when you can.

    If you're doubting yourself it's often a good time to have a break. Unless you have tonnes of Christmas posts planned why not just have a little hiatus over Christmas and come back refreshed afterwards?

    Hope this helps in some way. It's perfectly fine to use the word struggle, however big or small, this need to compare ourselves to others, who may have a bigger struggle, only works to undermine the troubles we Do have. Your troubles are totally valid because they are yours, and you can over come them :)

  2. You should do whatever feels right for you. If you need to take a bit of a blogging break then take one. Nothing terrible is going to happen. There's not point putting posts out if you don't feel inspired to do so. However I don't think you should just stop blogging completely because you might regret it. I hope you feel a bit less stressed about it soon. x

  3. Sorry to hear you're finding it tough Alex, but you're absolutely not alone! I've been trying to post more frequently recently which has been great for my blog but I've definitely felt the stress of trying to do that alongside working full time and studying.

    I know people always say blogging should be fun and not a burden and I do agree with that, but I think when you're striving to make your blog the best it can be there are always going to be moments of stress. I wish I could be the type of person just to have a break when I'm feeling like that but I never want to let my blogging slide!

    Recently I've found it helpful to decide on posts in advance (and be realistic about how much I can do!) and schedule photography, writing etc into my week at times that I know I'll be able to dedicate some time to it - that way I don't end up feeling like I have posts to write and no time for them.

    Sorry this has been such a long comment(!) - hope you manage to find a good balance soon :) xx

  4. I feel the same alex, I love blogging even though I've never got really that far with my blog i still love doing it and yeah i guess since i started uni I've completely neglected it!

  5. We're in the same position. I study Fashion design too and I just can't blog. There's not enough hours in the day for me to blog and actually enjoy it. Blogging has turned into a chore for me and I don't like that so I don't post anything at all. Hopefully my blogging mojo, as we call it, will come back!

    I feel like it's more important to focus on school as it's "reality" but at the same time it's nice to have a hobby on the side of it. Having a place where you can let go of all the school stress AND it can help with your fashion career.
    But studying fashion design is one hell of a hard thing. Everything takes so much time and energy so I understand. When you're done with your uni work, you just want to relax and chill.
    As I said, I'm in the same situation and I wish I could enjoy blogging but I just don't.
    Just blog whenever you feel like it :)

  6. I feel like I'm in the exact same position as you! Second year Biochemistry and French student, it's an awful lot of hard work! I love it, but it's hard. And trying to work through depression and anxiety with counselling makes it so much harder. The word struggling is the word to use for all my life right now. I am getting in a slice of social life, much more tame than it used to be, more cosy chats and pub quizzes and dinner than partying hard all night. I'm also having to deal with a rather aggressive housemate which is a new discovery! So for me blogging has also been taking a back seat. I am trying to keep posting, my posts have got more serious I've noticed but your blog is personal so it goes the way your life goes. Mine is hopefully starting to get out of the dark and hopefully my blog will go that way too :) it won't last forever xoxo
    amber love


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