8 November 2014

Goldie London Dress Cover

I'm getting way too excited about Christmas already, any one else like that too? I feel strange about it though as I feel like it's not cold enough yet to have been bonfire night the other day and Christmas just 46 days away! I am quite glad though as I don't have to wear layers upon layers yet as I'm not a fan of winter fashion, so can still wear simple little cover-ups like this from Goldie London and crop tops with jeans.

Also how insanely gorgeous is this bag!? I actually won it on a Facebook giveaway (which is super cool as I didn't even think people won those!). It's from Baia Bags which is a company I have admired for a while and winning this was so exciting!

Dress* // Bag* // Jeans


  1. I really love your hair!

  2. You look incredible! And yes I'm excited about christmas too, can't wait to get my tree up and light a million candles : )



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