24 November 2014

Alex in Wonderland

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was as obsessed with Alice in Wonderland as younger Alex was (definitely still am, see my 21st birthday party theme!) so this dress is what dreams are made of! Admittedly it's a little more revealing than the original Alice in Wonderland dress, and is a little big for me so isn't completely what my dreams are made of, but it's pretty damn close!

As it is revealing down the middle and sides, I thought I'd show how it looks with a little bralet thing underneath for a little more modesty too!

Dress* // Earrings*


  1. Oh wow Alex you look stunning! Such a beauty x


  2. Oh wow that dress looks amazing on you! Such a great shape <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. I LOVE this, you look gorgeous and your hair is amazing!


  4. LOVE the dress! I actually quite like the way it looks with the bralet too.. modern chic :) x

  5. Such a gorgeous dress on you! Eye makeup is on point as well :) xx

    Love and Marmalade


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