2 October 2014

October's Resolution

- Last Month -

If you saw my last month's resolution post, you may remember my aim was to go from sleeping on two large pillows at night down to nothing as it is supposed to help aligning your back and get a better nights sleep. I did manage to get to nothing, but I ended up getting such a bad neck as I always sleep on my side and reckon the back aligning would work better if you slept on your back, that I have decided to stay with one small pillow as I get a much better sleep that way!

- This Month -

This month I will be carrying on with the well-being, self improvement type resolution and trying to do a few things better for my body. Firstly I want to try and exercise more. It's an obvious one but I have just joined the cheerleading group at my uni and went to my first session last night. It was great fun and having done cheer before, it was so nice to get back into it! They train twice a week and I'm going to try my hardest to go every week as not only is it great for fitness, it's also really nice to get out of the flat and have a break from doing uni work!

Little locks!

This month I'm also going to see if I can challenge myself to wash my hair less. Since having it cut short, I have to use much more heat on it as if I left it to dry naturally or style without heat, it looks like a big heaped mess! By washing it less, it eliminates about 4 hair dries a week which would be so much better for it! My aim is to wash it once a week (with a huge help from Mr Batiste!) and maybe again on days where something special is happening.

Will you be joining me on any of these? If so let me know on my twitter, it's much more fun doing it with someone else! I also have a new September Favourites video up on my Youtube channel and have popped it below if you want to have a watch :-)


  1. I need to start exercising more too :/ joining uni groups is great, I've started street so even starting myself off with that is good! I want to start eating more as well :) xo
    amber love

  2. My brother actually said that he would get rid of his bed and will be purchasing a Japanese futon because it's better for his back. I thought he was crazy, but as I thought about it, it made sense. I would love to wash my hair less often, but I don't feel clean unless my hair is washed. Lovely blog by the way :)

    Aissa // tea in january

  3. Agh you make me miss my nose ring so hard... might have to get it re-done, the short hair looks great <3
    -- Grace

    P.S Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog, I just started following you and it would be great if you could follow back!


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