28 October 2014

Beau Beads UK Choker Necklace

I was going to just  include this necklace in an outfit posts, but sometimes I feel special items can get lost in the blur of a whole outfit and wanted to make sure it got the recognition it deserved. This gorgeous chocker is from Beau Beads UK which is a jewellery brand recently started by my lovely friend Emma. I literally cannot stop wearing it as I feel it gives a really effortless edgy look to a what might be otherwise plain outfit! There are loads of others to chose from on her Etsy store so I'd really recommend having a look. These little chocker as well as all her other items are only £6, which I think is amazing as it's handmade and something like this in a high street store could be up to £20!

She is also holding a giveaway at the moment where you could win one of the chokers simply by following Beau Beads UK Instagram page, and liking and regraming this picture! You have nothing to lose so be sure to give it a go!


  1. I don't normally like chokers but this one is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. These are very innovative! Thanks for sharing. I always buy the readymade ones because those mare made perfectly and I can buy my choice with satisfaction. Recently I have bought Pearl Rhinestone Choker and it's just tremendously fashionable and stylish.

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