18 September 2014

Why Fashion Software is Important for Young Fashion Designers

i.LEVEL Software is one of the world’s leading fashion software solutions, developed solely for fashion brands. Why was it created? Well, read on…

If you’re an aspiring young designer, initially all you’ll be concerned with is creating your best possible designs and selling them in one or two retail outlets. That will feel like success. It is success. But what then?
Either your fashion brand treads water or you broaden both the range of designs and the channels your brand is sold in. You might venture into eCommerce (Amazon, eBay, La Redoute etc), create your own retail shop, go into retail concessions such as Debenham’s Web, or sell wholesale by using wholesale B2B fashion portals such as FashionTradeWeb. That’s all fine.

But how do you manage and monitor the clothing (and accessories) being sold across all your various sales channels? How do you keep tabs on your fashion stock inventory? How do you compare sales in one store versus another, or one website versus another? It’s almost impossible.

That’s why i.LEVEL was born, to eradicate the need for Excel spread sheets and late nights slaving over a computer working out which garment was sold where, which lines need discounting and which size range is set to become sold out with no replacements lined up! Instead, i.LEVEL’s fashion software offers a single customer view that shows you what is being sold, when and where – and it’s fully automated.

The video below is a two minute introductory overview of i.LEVEL’s fashion wholesale software. Take a look and, afterwards, if your brand needs to take a more professional approach to fashion stock control, fashion concessions and even fashion EPOS software, then contact i.LEVEL Software on 01234 761757 or email info@ilevelsoftware.co.uk.

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  1. This i.LEVEL looks great I will for sure try it out as I spend a lot of time with excel. I think it's also comes as rental so should not be too bad for cost


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