17 August 2014

Collar Dress and Catch Up

So it's a grand total of 13 days since my last post. It's actually not due to being a lazy bum this time, it was my 21st birthday party last Saturday so was preparing loads for that the few days before and then Tuesday was my actual birthday and then the rest of the week I was working until I had to pack up all my bits in Cheltenham and head back to Falmouth for two weeks today! (and breath). But I have a whole two weeks off now to completely chill so I'm really excited to get back into the blogging game. I have lots of videos and new posts coming up so be sure to keep an eye out on here, my twitter, facebook and on Instagram!

But first! Have a little outfit post. This is a new dress I got from a little shop within River Island for only £15 in the sale! I absolutely love it as I find it quite hard to find things on the high street that I really love right now, but I love the unique shape and style of this! I wore this out for my friends 21st birthday a few weeks ago (which ended preeeetty messy, but that's a story for another day!) and felt pretty swanky in it!



  1. Your blue hair seems to have faded so gracefully, when i did one blue it looked horrendous after 4 washes. Sucks.
    ellenor x

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday. What a gorgeous dress! And I love your hair, nice colour and love how you styled it


  3. Happy belated birthday Alex, you looked stunning! Just so gorgeous x


  4. Love your blog! Great post:)
    -Lauren xoxo


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