29 July 2014

Vintage Midi Skirt and IKRUSH Sandals

This skirt has to be one of my favourites at the moment. It was my Grandma's when she was much much younger and although you can tell it's old, I think with some chunky black shoes and a little crop top, it still looks amazing now! She also gave me the matching waistcoat (worn here) but I'm not quite sure if I'll be pairing them together just yet haha!

As for the shoes, I know as always I'm a bit late to the game but I can see why these shoes are huge at the moment. They compile all the best things at the moment, sandals (perfect for this heat), chunky black shoes (not just for winter!), look so cute with frilly socks (I'm still not over that look, sorrynotsorry) and they have a little heel (nothing too high but perfect to give your legs a little bit more length). Dream shoes? CHECK! (Also they're super comfy as soon as I wore them, I don't find that in shoes very often so thought it would be worth mentioning!).

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  1. Lovely post I love your hair! You look like Ellie Goulding!

    Crocus xo

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  2. Ok I am seriously jealous of that skirt. It's amazing! Love your hair

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. That skirt is amazzzing! Wish I could pull off that length skirt but they always just swamp me or I feel silly in a skirt :P this one looks like it was made for you! Hand me downs are the best too - my mam just gave me an amazing tapestry backpack and some boyfriend jeans she had in the 90s! xo
    amber love

  4. That skirt is so beautiful and so is that outfit, you look beautiful! x


  5. I love the way you do your photos it's really unique and your skirt and chain is amazing!

    Stella| Electrik Flowers

  6. Wow ! It's a very fancy outfit ! You look great !

  7. Looking gorgeous as ever! Love this look!

    Laura (smile at style)


  8. Oh wow, that skirt really is just gorgeous x


  9. loved the astounding long skirt and the printworks....amazing
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  10. Alex this outfit is amazing! I love the skirt so much, I genuinely want to buy it and wish it wasn't vintage so I could ahhhh!
    You look stunning and I love the styling :)
    emmerliejay x


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