18 July 2014

Item In Action Video - Motel Rocks Sunflower Bikini

Just a quick little Friday post today! I've started a new series on my Youtube channel where I share some of my favourite items I own in an 'Item In Action' video as I find sometimes blog post can be a little static and simply posing in an item doesn't show off its wonderfulness enough!

Below is my first one where I share my favourite bikini (top* / bottoms*) of all time. It's from Motel Rocks and I simply LOVE it! The footage was from when we were in Tunisia and has to be one of my favourite videos I've made! It's only a couple of minutes long so if you'd like to give it a watch that would be awesome!

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  1. Wow I looooooove that bikini! And love your video, it looks like you had somuch fun! Subscribed to your YouTube and blog... you're fab x

  2. That bikini is beautiful!!!!! I love it x


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