16 July 2014

I Am Defected

I'm one of those people who sometimes doesn't quite get the jist of certain things and will take a while to understand stuff. I've had these items for a little while but still couldn't work out the deal with the brand, but I've done a little research so hopefully I have this right! Defected Records is a London house label but also have a little online shop where they sell sick printed items from tees to sweatshirts to phone cases.

I'm seriously loving the beany and top below as they are such good quality for the price and are the perfect lazy-girl items. The tee is super soft and as I got it slightly oversized, it's so comfy and perfect for chill days (or when you want to be mega cosy on a 6 hour train journey). As for this hat.. I swear I'm in love! It's really thick so not necessarily ideal for summer days, but I've found it's perfect for when evening comes and I want to pop something on to keep in a little extra warmth as well as cover up potentially day old hair! I also love the little specks of colour in it, it just gives it that little somthin' somthin'.

hat* // tee*


  1. Cool pictures :) love beanie hats so much, should try and resist buying more aha :') but this one does look good... x
    amber love

  2. Amazing hat! Love it :)

    Wanna follow each other?

    dare 2 wear by KATY MAGE


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