9 July 2014

House of Fraser/Biba Dress

When I got the opportunity to get a maxi dress from House of Fraser, I wanted to make sure I made the most of it and was able to buy something I wouldn't normally be able to get. This absolutely gorgeous dress* is from Biba, a brand a university student typically can't afford. But saying that, I was still pleasantly surprised at the price and discount. It was £65 but then had 30% off making it only £45.50!

I got it as I was after something really light and floaty for my holiday, but that was also pretty covering as I was going to a Muslim country and wanted to respect their traditions. This was the most perfect decision I could have made! I wore it nearly every other day (which as I'm sure you can imagine on a two week holiday in an boiling country with no washing machines, it was grim after!). Below is one of the looks where I dressed it up a little to go for dinner. I hope you like!


  1. Love that print with your hair colour! Perfect for summer <3

  2. Oh wow, that dress is just spectacular. You look stunning Alex x


  3. Lovely dress so summerish xxx

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  4. This print looks so beautiful, especially against the colour of your hair. I adore those shoulders too

  5. Love it sooo much, perfect for a holiday! I love your style so much! Just gave you a follow on bloglovin :)

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  6. Such an lovely print! Just re-illiterating what has been said above, but it does look amazing with the blue in your hair! I love the body chain style necklace, it really brings the outfit together.

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