5 June 2014

Summer Holiday Accesories

As summer has just officially started, I thought I'd share some of my summer holiday accessory staples with you all, some of which I'll be taking on my holiday to Tunisia in a few weeks (posts and vlogs of this will be up too)!

perfume* // scarf* // glasses* // phonecase*

First up is perfume. I don't know if it's just me, but a new perfume can make me feel so good. This one in particular, Britney Spears Fantasy The Nice Remix, is SO delicious. Since I was younger the normal Fantasy has been one of my favourites and although I can't notice the difference (sorry Britney), this new 'remix' is now a definite favourite too. It's the perfect sweet, summer smell so I cannot wait to take this away on holiday with me. Both versions are also a lot cheaper than I remember from before, so extra bonus!


I'm sure you are all aware that sunglasses are generally a good idea when the sun comes out, but I have a good few brands and styles that I'm loving at the moment. One pair in particular is these gradient ray-ban style from Sunglass Junkie. The gradient in colour gives a little update to this standard style, see a clearer image and check out their other items here.


For something slightly more upmarket, this scarf from DKNY is utterly gorgeous to dress up a summer evening outfit. It's incredibly lightweight, so won't cause you to overheat and the colours are the more summery, pretty colours around.


As with many things like beach bodies, perfumes, wardrobe, hair colour, etc, I like to have a little press of the refresh button when summer comes around, so another update I love is a new phone case. I received this personalised one the other day (go team Bambella!) and was so surprised at the quality. In all honesty, I was expecting something like the 99p cases you get off ebay, but this one is sturdy, lightweight, the print is brilliant quality and has a lovely matte finish to it. Create your own personalised cases from Mr Nutcase with the choice of photos, frames, graphics and more. Click here to see a clearer picture of my Bambella Blog one.

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