4 May 2014

May's Resolution & What I Wore This Week #5

Normally I start this post by saying that this last month went really quickly, but actually it feels like April lasted forever! If you remember, April's resolution was to drink nothing but water for the whole month, and I actually did it for about 3 weeks but I can honestly say, it's one of the hardest challenges I've had to do! A fair few times before I totally gave up, I messed up simply because I forgot. I have to say though, even though I gave up before the end of the month, I've drank a lot more water since  than I did before.

So anyway, onto this months. For everyday of May I am going to do some form of exercise. It won't be a huge 10 mile run everyday (pah, like I could even to 1) but just something. I've been doing a mini routine for the past week or so now that only takes about 15 minutes so I'll do that everyday at least, and then will add onto it on any days where I'm feeling particularly energetic! Along side eating well, this is basically my attempt to get a summer body, so please feel free to join me if you wish as I know nearly every girl has the panic this time of year about getting a sexeh beach bodeh!

As well as this I thought I'd add on a little what I wore this week post as I didn't manage to photograph them all so it wouldn't have been enough to fill a whole post! You can follow me on Instagram here :-)

Photographing my new top

Standard day at uni
 photo blahahahahahah_zpse127e98e.jpg

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